What would it feel like to let go of every negative thought about your body?
Try worshiping your legs for taking you on adventures, adoring your abs for allowing you to lean into life, and loving your smile for revealing the joy in your heart.
Live as if your body were perfect, not only because you’ll be more open to the world but because in every way that truly matters, it is.

I believe in you!

Training Technique

Everyone has unique strengths and weaknesses.  There is not a "one-size-fits-all" workout plan.
There are progressions and regressions for every exercise. As long as you are challenged, your body will change. 

My clients move through a series of movements to build a foundation. These Single Movement Patterns progress to Triple Movement Patterns. This increases muscle recruitment and cardiovascular efficiency while building on a foundation of proper stabilization to core engagement.

Kim's Rule of Fitness:

In today’s busy world, your 20 or 30 min. workout needs to be effective. Use full body movements that elevate to work all muscle groups and include short spurts of intensity to increase post exercise calorie burn. 

Exercises must be able to be regressed to progressed to be meet the needs of all levels from beginner to advanced in order to avoid injury and plateaus

Workouts can be done anywhere, anytime, with little or no equipment to fit your lifestyle and budget. The world is your gym!

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're like most people, you need help to take your super power to the next level.

Fitness is not something you start and stop. It is a lifestyle that can make or break your quality of the way you live. One small change weekly can save your life, too many changes all at once can be overwhelming and lead to frustration, failure, or injury.
My goal is not always to get you into the gym. Instead, it is to help you realize that the world is your gym. It’s critical to understand how to move your body in a way that will allow you to live a long healthy life and to  feel confident in your own skin. 

Bionic Body Gear

Muscle is critical to your health, I created the  Bionic Body Gear to help you build and maintain a healthy body with equipment pretty enough for the living room and tough enough for the gym. 

My quest to find quality fitness equipment lead me down a path of creating something I loved.  My goal is not to re-invent the wheel, but instead to improve equipment that has stood the test of time. 

The Bionic Body Gear is everything you need to keep your workouts fun and effective while focusing on the importance of protecting your muscle and metabolism. 

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This free guide includes my go to exercises for a complete workout that you can do anywhere, anytime, with no equipment! 

Includes beginner and advanced modifications.